What is Brutality?

Brutality is a Skirmish Wargame with RPG-lite aspects.

  • Use any 25mm-32mm models from any game
  • Create your own stats
  • Play with points, or not!
  • Alternating activation
  • Campaign System
  • A setting that allows you to bring your favorite characters together
  • A model’s facing matters and different assault tactics get different bonuses!
  • No models to buy! What could be easier?

I created this game for my own purposes because I had models from many different universes that didn’t have games associated with them. So I came up with a way to bring them all together and forge new and exciting narratives involving characters I loved.

This game plays in about thirty minutes to an hour, which allows you to get several games in.

I love a good campaign, and this system provides a quick and easy campaign without tons of bookkeeping. You set the length you want the campaign to go and start rolling dice!

I appreciate you giving this a look, and hope you enjoy it!

-The Pimpcron

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