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A More Brutal

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  • Use any models from any genre

  • Create your own character stats

  • Solo/Versus/Co-op

  • Campaign mode

  • Extensive background lore

Our Products

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Brutality Skirmish Wargame

Hardback Premium Color

Use any model from any genre or range. Recreate your favorite characters or make your own in this simple yet deep character creation system. Brutality Skirmish Wargame is a tactical and unforgiving skirmish game that uses miniatures. A sweeping campaign system makes great use of the 15 narrative and solo/co-op missions included in the book.

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Brutal Space Fleet Battles

Softback Premium Color

Brutal Space is the only tabletop miniatures game system that seamlessly switches between fleet and ground combat. Ground and Fleet missions can be played simultaneously and they affect each other in real time!

A sweeping fleet campaign system makes great use of the 15 narrative and solo/co-op missions included in the book.

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Beastiary & Gauntlet Mode

Softback Premium Supplement

Introducing Brutality Skirmish Wargame's first official printed supplement, Beastiary & Gauntlet Mode! In this supplement you'll find 79 pre-made NPC profiles for monsters as well as 10 new Model Abilities, 3 new Legendary Traits, a new Mission, Merchant Specialties, and 2 new Behemoth Mission monsters! Not to mention the grueling and dangerous Lord Dreadmore's Gauntlet. Enter at your own risk!

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Narrative Missions Module I

Softback Premium Supplement

In this supplement you'll find 5 massive narrative missions that are different every time you play them! With an open world map, consequences to your choices, and a linked narrative, these are perfect for solo, co-op, or even versus play! Plus the addition of 4 new Upgrades, 15 new Model Abilities, 2 new Legendary Traits, Random Mission Generator, Villain Mode, and Monster Battle Generator!

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Settlement Mode

Softback Premium Supplement

Settlement Mode gives players the freedom to create, expand, and defend their own town in the Brutal as well as the citizens who reside there. 50 new Missions are included, each with their own four twists. Included in this supplement is Multiplayer Mode, 2 new Legendary Traits, 4 new Upgrades, 12 new Model Abilities, 3 new Passive Skills, and Breach Mode!

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Character Creation Handbook

Lay-flat Coil Bound Standard Color

This book is a handy character supplement that contains all currently available character options for the Brutality Skirmish Wargame and Brutal Space. Before this book, you would have to flip through 4 different books if you wanted all the options. Not anymore!

tales from the brutal cover.png

Tales from the Brutal

Softback Short Story Collection

This short story anthology depicts 20 official canon stories of life in Ishtar's Brutal Realm. Learn how the prisoners of Ishtar's terrible Realm live, die, and live again in the nightmarish existence.


Brutality & Brutal Space Tokens

This token set is useful for both games, Brutality Skirmish Wargame and Brutal Space!

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About the Creator

As a life-long game designer, my life has always been busy making board games, card games, and role-playing games for my friends and I. Commercially releasing a game has been a dream of mine for many years, and the popularity and success of Brutality Skirmish Wargame has been more than I could ever ask for. I am eternally grateful to the customers and fans that have supported my dream. 

Unlike the multitude of corporate interests in the tabletop industry, I create out of the love for my game, not out of necessity to make the next quarterly earnings target. I want to make a game system that people enjoy, have the freedom to make it their own, and can be expanded to include a wide variety of experiences.


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